Relevant Youth Christian Theater proudly presents “HiTops,”
Peg your pants and join us for a totally 80s-tastic adventure featuring three novice angels disguised as teenagers sent to a high school campus on earth to understand one of the greatest challenges human kids face: peer pressure. Meanwhile Lucifer (aka “Lewy”), also disguised as a teenager, fights to keep kids from their destiny, alternatively threatening and enticing them with rejection, compromise, cheating, drugs and alcohol. The show is accompanied by a super-synthesized soundtrack of 80’s music you’ll be humming for years to come…

Showing exclusively at the K-LOVE Theater August 16-18
5700 West Oaks Blvd, Rocklin
Click on one of the dates below to register ($15 each)
All proceeds benefit Life Church Roseville Relevant Youth Ministry.
Though HiTops is cheesy and upbeat and everything you ever wanted the 80s to be, the subject matters it deals with are serious and relevant.  We use this experience to grow our students in how to deal with the current pressures they face in the world.

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